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Fusion can serve businesses small and large from a single person managing their business records to a large scale organization with multiple departments and offices in different locations. Below are a few businesses that use Fusion to manage their business, employees and processes.

St. Lucia Air & Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA)

Slaspa Help Desk ApplicationSLASPA is a large organization with multiple departments and teams spreadout in multiple locations. Fusion helps the organization consolidate their many departments and database silos into a comprehensive and simple to use list of applications. Users/departments are assigned to their appropriate applications and only have access to the information they need to complete their task. Each application have their unique needs so Fusion provides the underlining technology that enables applications to complete their task such as email, document/database storage, etc.

Fusion User Management System allows administrators to easily assign users to applications and set individual permissions for those applications so managing a large organization is easy. Employees log into Fusion with their email and a secure password making it easy for staff to access and administrators to sort out individuals and their roles.

Mauricette Auto Repairs

Mauricette Auto Repairs Customer SystemA local business in St. Lucia, Mauricette Auto Repairs specializes in auto-body repairs of collisions, frame/chassis straightening and other auto services. As a mid size business, they're faced with the task of organizing their customers records and managing inventory. Fusion host a single application that helps them create estimates, turn those estimates into active projects and manage the entire work-flow from start to finish. Inventory, customer vehicles and employees jobs are all tracked providing a trail that can be analyzed by management.

Since applications are custom built to suit their business environment employees have no problem using and completing their work task. The learning curve is then reduced because the work-flow is unique to that environment allowing staff to focus on their work and not the application.

Fusion can manage most business processes and provide a easy to use interface for employees to do the work needed.

JJ's Paradise (Tikay Kreole)

JJ's Paradise Hotel Management SystemJJ's Paradise now Tikay Kreole is a small hotel in St. Lucia. Like other hotels and guests houses / bed & breakfast, knowing who your guests are and where they're from is important. JJ's Paradise use a custom hotel management software built by Glace Web to manage such information. Staff can book and monitor guests and room activities from any computer or mobile device. Users can also generate reports of monthly and yearly acitivites so occupancy count can be monitored and track.