icon Fusion Features

Fusion is made up of a number of layers. These layers provide various services for applications running on the platform. The Fusion stack is what makes developing new applications easy, fast and under budget.

Universal UI

Fusion has a consistent User Interface (UI) for all applications so learning to manage multiple applications is easy. With Fusion universal UI, users feel like they are using one big application that covers all their work aspects. Fusion is flexible and adaptive to any form factor such as tablets and mobile devices and transforms the layout to fit whatever screen size you are using.

User Management

User management is easy with Fusion. Employees can sign up by entering simple information such as their name, email and password. A profile is then created for that user and the system is then accessible. User sign-ups can also be made pending upon approval by an administrator and accounts can easily be disabled or deleted altogether.


Installing and managing applications is done with one click. Applications and updates are packaged in a zip file that can be uploaded and installed by the Fusion package manager. All applications can then be made available to certain users or made public for the entire business to access.

The application manager has a unique permission system that allows users to be assigned to various apps. Users can be assigned to an application so only the apps they need to access is available to them. This allows certain apps to be used by specific users or departments.


Fusion has a two phase communication system that allows users and apps to communicate with each other and the outside world. Users/apps can communicate to each other internally with messaging and alerts so an instant chat app or messaging app can be used. Apps can also send emails which is useful for schedule alerts, calendar appointments, etc. 


Fusion manages all application and user content efficiently. Sensitive content is encrypted and saved in the database. Creating and removing database tables is all done by fusion and allows apps to request the environment they need for storage. Fusion allows for easy document uploading and storage with file type management that can be turned on or off.