icon Fusion the Platform

Glace Web Fusion allows organizations to fully manage any type of content or business process - from a simple to-do list to full blown applications like a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inventory, HR Management, Project Management, Document Management and lots more. Fusion can turn any paper base process like customer forms, employee application form, surveys, schedules, etc into an application that the entire business can use. Fusion’s built-in features allows for building custom applications fast, saving a company time and money.

Fusion is a web based platform so any employee with a web browser or mobile device can be up and running in no time. Fusion can be installed and setup on a single server locally or on your current website making implementation easy. Installation takes a matter of minutes and provides easy controls so anyone can manage the system with ease. Fusion makes it possible for businesses to create custom work-flows that match their organization needs instead of using complicated applications that they have to figure out.