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Unify your work environment

A work environment could be concidered someone's desk and this might have been the norm a few years ago. Today people are constantly on the go and so their work environment has to change to accomodate. This leads to someone's work environment being a tablet or mobile phone device. Fusion allows any device to access applications on the system so work is never far away from you. Fusion accomodates any screen size and allows someone to enter or retrieve information.

Software customization

If one of the prebuilt applications from Glace Web is not ideal for your business, customers can have their apps custom built to suit their business. Turn any application form, Excel document and business workflow into an application that your entire employees can access. Custom built applications need little or no training because they are the same process your business have been using. This saves businesses time and money and makes them more productive faster. Since applications are custom built then employees use 100% of the features unlike other software packages. 

Cost of ownership

Fusion is a cost effective way to introduce software into your business. With the Fusion platform businesses can install as many applications as they need to run their business in one environment. This saves time and money in aquiring multiple software packages that staff has to lean in the end. Each application cost is specific to the features required and since they all run on the same platform then businesses only pay for new features and not new software.