icon Why Choose Fusion?

Keep content in one central place

With Fusion, you can upload and insert all business or customer records in one central place. This is then accessible to all necessary staff and can be accessed through various devices.

Maintain control over content

To prevent information being accessed by the wrong people, you can set permissions against each application or user and take control over your business work-flow.

Access content from anywhere, at anytime

Because Fusion is web based, this ensures that colleagues don’t require VPN access and other networking tools to view and work with applications. As long as teams have access to an internet connection or intranet, they can view, create and edit content directly in the browser without installing software on each device.

Collaborate within your organization

Fusion communication layer allows applications to send messages internally or to email. This allows staff to collaborate on documents, customer records and various business processes with each other or customers.


Glace Web is dedicated to the Fusion Platform so this is why Fusion system updates are free for as long as the application is supported. All Fusion instances will receive updates via the internet and automatically downloaded and installed with minimum effort. This is to provide the latest patches, bug fixes and feature enhancements to the system. Once Fusion is installed it will never be out dated so your business can rest assured that they are using the latest version with the best features.

Our vision is to grow the Fusion Platform into an environment that can adapt to any business work-flow providing the best solution of application hosting. Contact us and find out how Fusion can help your business operate better.